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Anti – Ram Bars

Are you in need of higher security levels within your business? Have you been ram raided in the past, heard of burglaries in your local area, been threatened, or are scared that your company might be a target for thieves? Have you always wished for a hassle free, yet simple solution for protecting your business?

JJP offers the perfect answer, which will allow you to have a secure and highly protected business. Tough and effective, yet simple to use, our anti-ram bars are easy to install and are hugely reliable. Anti-ram bars offer a highly visual and effective deterrent against ram raiders and have become increasingly popular in the industrial, commercial and retail environment.

Initially used as a secondary measure of precaution for highly valued businesses and properties, anti-ram bars were used alongside industrial shutter doors, to provide an additional level of security. However, they rapidly became an essential piece of security hardware.

Across the country, warehouses and other industrial properties have fallen victims to ram raiders. During such occurrences, criminals would typically ram their vehicles into the industrial shutters, with extreme force, to raid the business of its assets. Instances such as this can not only be traumatic and costly but often the business owners are also forced to bare the cost and consequence of damage to the property itself, which can be detrimental for small or self-owned companies.

Constructed out of 100mmx100mm quality steel box sections and secured to either side of the opening for full structural support, anti-ram bars are the perfect solution to fully protected any business. The materials that the anti-ram bars are constructed from provide great resistance from any ram raid, however forceful.

These anti-ram bars are generally fitted into the front of warehouse doors or roller shutters to prevent them from a frontal assault, saving you from potentially expensive repairs and damages. A fitted ram bar can not only improve your security but is also solid investment for your company, as we pride ourselves on having durable and long-lasting quality products. However, our bars will simultaneously allow you complete access and control to your property at all times. So you do not have to worry about undoing lots of tricky locks and or lifting up heavy bars etc.

All of our anti-ram bars are bespoke and can be made to each individual customer’s requirement at our head office in Sheffield. However, although based in Sheffield, our company covers most locations in the Midlands and North-East. This includes cities such as Doncaster, Nottingham, York, Leeds, Hull and Lincoln, as well as others. Check our ‘areas we cover’ page, to discover whether our services are available in your area. For any more information please feel free to contact us to find out whether we can protect not only your premises, but also your peace of mind.

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