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Loading Bay Equipment

Our company, JJP Door Solutions Ltd specialises in safe and useful loading bay equipment, keeping your vehicles and goods protected when transporting from dock to dock. The reason as to why we supply you with these services is because it can be beneficial in many ways. This includes specific pointers such as, maximising efficiency, increasing safety as well as helping to reduce repair costs.

One of our many services includes Dock Shelters. This equipment creates a seal around the lorry, protecting employees and goods from the outside elements. This is key for weather protection as sometimes when you are transporting goods, the weather can take a turn, possibly affecting any products you’re carrying inside the lorry. This equipment is also energy efficient as they consist of temperature management which also has a plus side to your energy costs, reducing these by far. They also avoid dust and insects, keeping your goods intact throughout the whole journey.
We also have Dock Levellers available which are used to bridge the gap between a docked vehicle and a loading bay. This supplies you with a smooth, safe transfer of goods, not damaging anything in the process. This doesn’t matter if you are using cages, forklifts or pallet trucks, this equipment will enable your products to seek a safe assistance when being transferred from your vehicle onto the loading bay and vice versa. They can also be tailored to support the capacity of products you’re carrying.
Dock buffers are also another piece of equipment we specialise in which are designed to protect the perimeter of the loading bay from the reversing lorries. These keep the dock area in a safe and functional condition so that there’s no damage present when carrying out the process of loading and unloading. These are usually constructed of composite, reinforced rubber which prevents any impact from the lorry to the dock. These are handy as they are robust, good quality and are available in various sizes which are compatible to your own vehicle.
Another service we recommend is the Lorry Wheel Guides. These are designed to help guide the lorry onto the loading bay, preventing any foreseeable damage to the dock shelter. This is to ensure your vehicle is aligned in the space correctly for ongoing, further procedures. All wheel guides are sold as pairs and act as a form of barrier to make sure your vehicle is positioned accurately within the loading bay.

All of our engineers are trained, and all of our vehicles are fully equipped so that if any of our loading bay products develop any accidental damage, we are able to carry out most repairs whilst on site.

For further information and enquiries please email, [email protected] or contact the telephone number, 0800 107 6330 .

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